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Default Better GUI

Originally Posted by Justin View Post
There is a build of REAPER with initial, experimental localization features, available here:

In this thread, please discuss any issues you find when creating a localization, i.e. if you find that setting certain strings do not work, or if you have ideas to speed the process up.

There is a separate thread for posts about bugs in this version of REAPER vs the normal version(s), please post those sort of bugs there and not here.

  • At this time only REAPER itself and the MIDI editor are localizable, we will be doing more in the future to improve this.
  • Many of the dialog resources will not have room for longer translations -- we apologize for this and will be improving that in the future, before a general release without any doubt.
If Reaper had at better Gui for its effect I would really be happy, but for now I am over Protools and all the other pocket emptying DAW's
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