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Originally Posted by makai View Post
Maybe it could be better to use symbols (arrows for example) instead the I/O letters, to make it more obvious.
At the moment the dashed letter signs the unused connection and the button color represents the 'Master/Parent send' state: blue=enabled, red=disabled.
'Red' is allways used in this theme whenever a muted (disconnected, bypassed) state should be represented. Except the big record button.
I don't like to use two different colors on a single button. It looks (imo) a little mixed up on this theme...
What do you think?
hmmm... as WhiteTie said is really hard to tell in such small space what's the current state of a track. I just looked at Limeflavour's LF Origins and, imo, it's the best design so far:

As you said it looks like symbols (arrows) are a good option.
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