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My personal view is that the primary job of the IO button is to be the IO button. Put yourself in the mindset of a new Reaper user, wanting to change the hardware output of a track - to avoid random button pushing or a dive for the manual, a button that clearly communicates its job is going to save the day. A button that tries to communicate too many things at once could, the danger is, do all of them sub-optimally.

The plan that's brewing in my mind is to scoot the surrounding buttons within their boundaries to make more space for the IO button, and then try to come up with some 'don't bother clicking me' looking indicators to overlay from the IO button into that space. Maybe it'll work, maybe not.

I would certainly suggest that if you've got an effectively communicating IO button then you've done your job well. For me, at this point, I don't plan to update my themes to use the new s&r IO states.
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