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Default Works for me

Surge works on my system Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Great sounding, and flexible. The GUI is a tad sluggish, but it's worth it. That thing does some really great sounds.

The default size GUI is kinda small, and at first I couldn't resize it. It gives a choice of 100% 125% 150% 200% and 300%.

But when I set it to 125%, it didn't fully expand, and parts at the bottom and right side couldn't be seen.

With the latest update, 1.6.6 the VST3i (NOT the VSTi) expands/zooms perfectly. It's a great synth.

I never got a crash from running Surge, but when I get a crash from other plugins, I start Reaper from the command line, and reproduce the crash. I usually get an error message in the command line that gives a hint of what caused the crash. I have had crashes where I had to hold the power button to make the computer restart (very bad...) in which case there was no way to read the command line :\ Most of the time, buggy plugins either don't show up in the select window, or Reaper just closes when I run them (or sometimes after adding a new .so file, the next time I start Reaper it closes after the splash screen).

Anyway, good to see quality, Linux native plugins in active development!


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