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Default Create Batch Convert API like Render API

* Request
I have noticed Batch Convert rendering is much faster than regular rendering in reaper when exporting selected items. The recently added render API has changed our production pipeline immensely!!! We can now render with a single button press (as our settings are always the same, and we can programmatically send the files to the correct location). It's amazing and I can't thank Cockos enough for giving us these magical API's! It would be great to be able to also write in script batch converting in the same way with a comprehensive API.

* Benefit
We would be able to use the power of the batch convert render which is much faster in our tests than regular rendering, plus we could add fx chains and any other batch settings to speed up the workflow and use the power of batching!!

* Reason
The biggest reason for this request is the speed of the render. It's just much faster for longer files than regular rendering from our tests.

* Implementation Suggestion
I would add in API calls to "Add Selected Items" to the queue through script. I would also add "Convert with last settings" in script as well. It would also be a benefit to add in API for "sample rate" and "bit depth" and "channels". And, last but not least it would be great to add in "FX Chain" as an api call!

Thanks, I love Reaper and the community you guys have made!!
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