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Hi, I do have one unit Faderport 8 at home on windows reaper software. Never like all alternative to use it with reaper. I'm willing to test and report you my experience.

Originally Posted by inertia View Post
I am almost ready to release the first phase of a new native controller I have written for the Faderport 8 and 16 units.

The current controller is based on the stock Reaper MCU controller so it mostly replicates this functionality except you can use Studio One mode instead of MCU mode.

This offers the following benefits out of the box :

1. Use the native mode. No need to set the unit to one of the MCU modes

2. All the buttons are now assignable to actions. A lot of the buttons in MCU mode don't do anything and don't send any MIDI data

3. RGB colours can be sent to all the buttons. "Select" buttons follow the colours of the tracks

4. Correctly mapped click/loop and illuminated buttons. Not need to reassign in Reaper actions.

5. Ability to toggle between TCP and MCP mode. The Faderport will reflect the different views

I should be ready after this weekend with the first release and it will need testing for bugs.

After the first testing phase I will begin work some new functionality not provided by the initial MCU controller.

If you have either the FP8 or 16 then please write a comment and I will send you the controller some time next week.

Note : This controller is only for Windows x64/x86. I don't have the ability to compile for Mac or Linux and have no idea if it even can be compiled for these OS.
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