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Originally Posted by gvanbrunt View Post
Ya I have to say I"ve been waiting a long time for hidpi. I've had a .161 dpi 4k monitor for quite a while... Nice to be able to use it.

If lots of people are seeing the the issue I do feel for them. Reminds me of getting that new shiny video game only to find the graphic card wasn't up to the task and fps was usable but low. I would always switch to a lower res to get my frame rate up to 25-30. Defeats the purpose of the high res monitor. Better GFX cards won't fix this here since there is no acceleration anyway.
Please don't get me wrong, but I am not sure if its possible to compare these things directly. It's not about fancy ultranice looking graphics here..

On a 24" or 27" 4k screen lowering the resolution might not be a big problem. As you will have the scaling on 150% or even 200% anyway. So by going down with the resolution you can also go down with the scaling and you will have the same screen real estate, it just looks a bit less sharp.

But on 32" (and higher) 4k screens if you lower the resolution to 1080p you will not only lose screen real estate, but everything will look blurry because of the screen size and everything is way too big.
Having only half of the workspace is the biggest problem here. Having your eyes to work on a blurry screen for multiple hours every day is another one.

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