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Originally Posted by gvanbrunt View Post
I think no one else sees the issue as they don't have as many tracks visible at one time. The use of folders and plugins which allowing tagging and toggling visibility like HeDa's Track Inspector make it unnecessary for their work flow.
Many of us see the issue. We just haven't taken the in-depth time Eraz did to report detailed findings (thanks Eraz!) But this has been an issue with larger screens and higher track counts for quite some time. There have been a few improvements for faster redraw but nothing to really alleviate the behavior.

There also has been much discussion about GPU hardware not being used. For instance, Reaper uses VLC as its first choice for video playback. VLC has hardware decoding but the general VLC library Reaper is using doesn't have any hardware decoding. I'm not pointing any fingers here as maybe VLC isn't making it easy idk, but man it would be nice to have my expensive Nvidia card be handling hardware decoding of video playback.

This is one of those things where I think Justin and Schwa just need to take the pain and do a re-vamp of the underlying graphics foundation. Right now, I can literally feel the pain of them trying to do all the HiDPI updates in all the different places. I think putting an updated solid graphics foundation in place that takes into account modern hardware would alleviate much of this and also really help progress moving forward so that these types of issues aren't as crippling as they are now.

Just my two cents. Sorry for the semi-hijack. Back to Eraz's findings...
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