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Originally Posted by gvanbrunt View Post
I tried the example project and I can reproduce what looks like a low frame rate if I use 4K resolution, 100% scaling (in Windows) and your example project. It is slight on my system and looks kind of like flickering, not really what I would call a lag. A lag would be more a hesitation then it would start drawing. This is more like dropped frames.

I think no one else sees the issue as they don't have as many tracks visible at one time. The use of folders and plugins which allowing tagging and toggling visibility like HeDa's Track Inspector make it unnecessary for their work flow.

GPU acceleration would be nice thought for anyone with large numbers of tracks visible.

FYI: AFAIK Reaper does not use any kind of GPU acceleration in Windows so looking at the graph is not going to show anything.
Thanks for trying it out!
Okay then lets call it a drop of FPS (changed the thread title). But as soon as I move on a smaller resolution the FPS go up, to the point where it runs smooth on 1080p. Around 60fps is what I call smooth, in this example it looks sth like 15 to me on 4k, which is really distracting if you want to work and concentrate on the music.

Not long ago I built a system with good hardware and bought a nice monitor to not being limited by such things and now I there is an awesome DAW which is barely using any processing power, but struggles with its GUI. I know Reaper prioritizes audio over GUI, but in this case, with a decent system, this shouldn't really have that many fps drops. I could understand that behaviour on older computers, but not really on top range CPU systems. That is what made me open this bug report. Hopefully a dev could clear things up, as Reaper is a real dream to work with otherwise!

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