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Hey there,
I uploaded a project, so others can try to reproduce my issue on a hi-res screen (4k). Would help a lot if others could confirm the issue:!cQIRDILA!V4_lE__sNNkzNSKr7xFJmg

1) Open the project and load the Reaper 5 default theme on a 4k screen
2) adjust the zoom level so the items fill the screen horizontally like this

3) marquee select and time select the items and hand/vertical scroll around them
4) then try to zoom in vertically to fill the screen with the items, and repeat Nr. 3). Any change?
5) optionally: try the same on a 1080 screen. In my case its night and day difference
6) You can try to lower the minimum track height in the rtconfig.ini file, this makes it even worse

PS: I sliced the audio up in a lot of pieces to simulate a quantized drum performance and/or a project with a lot of stuff going on. Doesn't matter if plugins are missing, since it happens also without them.

Thank you very much!

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