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Originally Posted by Xenakios View Post
I don't understand how csrss.exe would even relate to Reaper, since it should mostly deal with console (command line) windows. (Do you have those open while operating Reaper?)
No, no other windows open,just Reaper (and maybe task manager). I did a little research and csrss has or had graphic jobs in Windows. As I understood dwm.exe is the responsible process for window management and graphics, while csrss.exe mostly has some stratup and shutdown purposes. But there are some things left in Windows which still use csrss as graphic process if I am not mistaken.

But now I am not really sure anymore if even csrss could be the culprit, since also in safe mode or with GPU drivers uninstalled there is no change in the lag behaviour of Reaper and csrss does not show up there.
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