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Also when time selecting/marquee selecting/drawing items (basically anything GUI related, some things more, some things less) csrss.exe jumps up when doing any of the operations mentioned before:

- If you have no/less amount of items on your screen it lags less, but csrss.exe uses way more GPU.
- If you have lots of items on your screen it lags more, but the process csrss.exe uses way less GPU.

There must be some correlation to that process.
It seems somehow that with more things going on the view (tracks+items), Reaper limits the amount of usable CPU/GPU for GUI stuff, therefore the CPU/GPU usage goes down and it begins to lag. If less tracks and items are visible, Reaper releases more resources to GUI stuff, the CPU/GPU usage goes up, and everything becomes more snappy again.

This seems to become more of an issue on bigger screens (4K) as more details/pixels/ whatever need to be rendered.
These are all assumptions of course, but it behaves exactly like that.

I also checked if normal tasks in Win10 do spike the GPU use of csrss.exe (since other users complained about that on google), then I checked Cubase with a heavy loaded project, but in both cases it stays below 1%. So only Reaper triggers that process..

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