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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
Thanks. How are you importing, double-click, drag, or action?

[edit] never mind, fixing, thanks!
No problem.

I'm also having another weird media explorer issue that I've only noticed in the last couple of dev versions. My default insert new media action from the media explorer keeps changing itself from my selected 'insert on new track' to 'insert on selected track'. I've tried resaving my project template, it seems to make no difference. It's not happening every time I restart Reaper though. I can't pin it down. so perhaps it's just a weird config issue at my end, or maybe something to do with loading up projects started in previous dev versions. Anyway, I thought it was worth mentioning as it doesn't seem to be happening in 6.02.

Also - cheeky request, I'd still love to see an option in media explorer to disable the clearing of the list selection highlight when clicking on blank space in the media explorer window (or at least not clearing it on the first click when another window is focused and you're clicking back into it)... I'm always losing my place when clicking out to the arrange and back in to the media explorer.

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