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Originally Posted by xpander View Post
# Media items: fix potential incorrect auto-stretch warp marker slope calculation when gradual tempo changes
The sloped auto-stretch markers are working much better now. Two remaining bugs:

* If the audio crosses linear tempo changes, and the audio is already mapped to these changes (and "Yes" is clicked in the dialog box), incorrect sloped markers are inserted, and the audio is shifted. The timebase should either insert flat SMs (thereby regarding the current mapping as the "base", or it should "reverse engineer" the current tempo map to a flat tempo base, and then insert sloped SMs as if the item has not yet been mapped.

In this image, the original audio is on top, the two alternative correct options are in the middle, and the incorrect results of the present version in at the bottom:

* Sometimes, when switching to auto-stretch timebase, the dialog box doesn't pop up, and the audio is shifted as if REAPER assumes that the audio is not yet mapped. This seems to happen if there are no tempo changes over the item, or if each tempo change already has a manually inserted stretch marker underneath at the same time position.
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