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Originally Posted by jnif View Post
But, I think the problem is that with option 2 you cannot move media items and AIs together even when both are selected.
With option 3 you could do all types of move/copy/cut combinations intuitively.
Currently you can't with option 2, but the Feature Request is (amongst other things) precisely to enable that.

Originally Posted by jnif View Post
Currently it is difficult to know what happens when editing both media items and AIs together. The things that make these edits confusing are
  1. Move is somehow special operation and is treated differently than cut/copy/delete.
  2. Behavior is not symmetric. When both media items and AIs are selected, move and copy operations work differently depending on which one is clicked last, media item or AI.

Indeed. There are lots idiosyncracies and discrepancies between media items and automation items. If you could give more details and examples, please add them here or in a bug/FR thread.
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