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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
A much more viable way than adding dedicated snippets to the thing would be to allow it to work as an input for the CSI extension.

The keyboard could be used with CSI today, no intermediary layer needed. As I already explained earlier the keyboard outputs a simple MIDI protocol which is well documented by now. Just look at my or Driven by Moss source code - no big mystery. You could directly interface with CSI, really simple.

However, CSI to my best knowledge does not provide the means to do some very special things like instance focus (one of the most useful things that NI has brought to the keyboard world thanks to KK). For this to work with CSI one would need to program a special layer. Another example is the correct calibration of the peak meters. While they will wiggle using CSI they will not show the exact same dB values on the keyboard’s display as they do in Reaper on your computer display (Driven by Moss has the same problem btw when I last checked). Or some of the advanced edit functions introduced recently. Once you start programming such a layer you may as well include all the remaining functions into it. This ends up to be less work than having both an intermediary layer plus CSI at work. It is also mir efficient on CPU.
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