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Originally Posted by ashcat_lt View Post
What do you intend to do where it matters? I never find myself doing anything tempo synced at the mastering stage, so I just leave mine at default (which is actually 8/4 at 180 in my projects) and go with that. An argument could be made that 120 puts every second beat on an actual second, which some folks might find useful.
Thanks for the answer. I'm also not wanting any mastering-stage time-syncing. So I suppose I'll just lay out my eleven mixdowns in sequence and not worry that Reaper'll try anything synchy with bpms or time signatures.

I'm also thinking now how am I going to apply limiting, to bring up volume, without damaging tones and timbres? I'm guessing you put some limiting on and just assess it. Did that much limiting do what you consider damage? Can I go further? Do I have to back it off?

Related to this, do you compare your mix-volume levels at this point with commercially-made cds?
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