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I canít really claim authorship of the phrase. I canít remember where I read or heard it, or who said, but I know I got it from somebody. It was kind of always the way I approached things, but I hadnít really articulated it this way.

To me, it mostly means donít kick the can down the road, and itís part of a broader idea of actually getting each step right so that the next step is easier if not just unnecessary. If we can help it, weíre going to record sounds that will fit in the mix without having to be changed. We never plan to ďfix it in the mixĒ. We get it right now. Then when weíre mixing, weíre not planning to fix things in mastering. Weíre getting it right now.

The reasons for this should be obvious. Itís almost always easier AND has a better chance of getting the results we want. You canít boil pasta in unsalted water and then try to put salt on it after. You canít add the garlic to the sauce after itís cooked, and you sure arenít going to get the rancid oil back out.
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