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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
Good stuff!

I was wondering if it's possible to have METRO+4D outside of extended mode, maybe?
Unfortunately, this is not really practical due to limitations in NI's MIDI protocol. It would require changes in NIHIA or intercepting the USB bus communication directly (HID messages). NI's MIDI protocol does neither allow to freely discriminate button press/hold/release events nor simultaneous button presses (with the exception of per-configured stuff that follows NI's design intent). Also, NI's MIDI protocol does not allow full control over all button lights. If these things were more freely configurable I would have used TEMPO + 4D as suggested by you initially - outside of extended mode.
The current design philosophy of ReaKontrol is to follow NI's design 1:1 for all the standard functions. Compare with NI's manual for Ableton, Logic etc and you will find it is basically the same. All extra functionality requires a bit of creative coding to stay within the given constraints of NI's MIDI protocol. The advantage of this approach is that things won't break that easily when NI updates KK, NIHIA or the keyboard's firmware.
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