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Thanks for the response. Won't the totalmix headphone mix only work for input channels and whatever output sends i setup through Reaper? It would only be for the vocals that people could adjust since everything else is VSTIs or guitar sims. But I could setup headphone mixes inside reaper and send them to the output channels and then have anyone who'd need a monitor mix adjust their volume themselves.

I actually own the old version of that Behringer, but it I've heard that the older models were prone to heating problems, but they are dirt cheap anyway, so I might get a new one.

Why would I send the headphone mix to the FOH and not just directly to the drummer? There are two stereo headphone outs and two mono XLR outputs. The only problem is that the headphone output are adjusted by the same volume, but that might just be me not understanding the software well enough, since I haven't needed to separate them yet. Is that why you suggest going through the XLR?
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