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With the retina changes & improvements here I'm hopeful the GUI lag situation can be addressed in a major way, here's some observations from my setup:

- On my iMac Pro with Vega 64 graphics (which has tons of power), Reaper has extreme GUI lag. One solution is to run it in Low Res mode, the other solution is to switch the colour profile of the display to sRGB IEC61966-2.1 in System Preferences. The colour profile fix apparently fixes GUI lag in other apps which exhibit similar GUI lag.

Also, Voxengo have been updating their plugins with Retina GUI support, but their older non-Retina versions exhibited the same extreme lag on my iMac Pro, and the new Retina updates seem to have fixed it completely.

- On my MacBook Pro, Reaper is fine. No need to switch to Low Res mode or use a different colour profile, and the non-Retina Voxengo plugins never had an issue.

So there's definitely something specific to iMacs / iMac Pros with 5K screens where somehow GUI lag seems connected to a lack of a full Retina GUI implementation. Just adding that alone seems to fix the problem.

I'm definitely all for GPU acceleration in Reaper too, I guess the question is how to do that in a cross-platform way given OpenGL's deprecation on Mac.
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