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Yes, thanks for bringing this up ED!
I'm a composer for media by trait, with my main focus on orchestral productions. I've been using Cubase for many years and for the first got really seriously into REAPER this past month or so.
What can I say, I'm absolutely hooked and would love nothing more than to finally ditch Cubase (we've had a hate-love relationship for many years now ). Unfortunately there are 2 main problems that prevent me from doing so and I think this applies to many other people who do the same stuff that I do:

- Probably the biggest one is that on my 4k display I can't even have a project with ~100 tracks without the UI becoming completely laggy and unresponsive. I just recently posted about this [here.]
- The other big problem is that you can't really build a large template. In my line of work it is completely common to have project templates with 1000s of tracks. For example my main Cubase template has around 2700 tracks. All these tracks are 'deactivated', so they don't use any CPU or RAM whatsoever and can be reactivated for usage at any time you need them.
Unfortunately this isn't really possible in REAPER, because of how every track uses CPU even if it is idle. It would be great if there was a way, to have idle tracks not use any CPU (for example with a native deactivation feature as recently discussed [here]), so that it's possible to build these massive templates.

The 2nd problem is a bit less urgent to me than the first (for people without a 4k display it might be the other way around), since track templates work really well and I've compromised to have an empty template and load stuff in as I go. But as great as track templates work, having everything pre-loaded is still quite a bit faster and preferable for me and most people I know who do similar work.
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