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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
I suppose copying 512 tracks in one go is not a good idea. Still, I wouldn't expect a complete system halt.
Your case is pretty extreme... but it does show a trend or a risk of some sorts regarding the code that runs the UI etc... I hope it'll get looked into even if very few would go to those extremes when using the software it would make it much more stable and might reveal some issues that only show heir heads in those extreme cases

But regarding the GPU acceleration, I'm kinda with ED on this one, I've had to disable some UI stuff to make sure there's as little CPU cycles put to anything else than rendering the audio. I get spurious buffer under-runs when scrolling around and as such I've disabled the screen following of the play cursor to make sure I don't get one when recording.

Drawing peaks during recording is also something that takes cycles and eats away at those precious precious time slices from interrupts so it's disabled just in case.

If I have large mixer with 20+ tracks with meters visible, that can cause issues as well some times.

In general, having GPU do graphics with little to no load on the processor is a good idea. Though it's a large amount of work (I've done some OpenGL stuff and it's not trivial). But when you get those VBO's (Or are they already using something else these days?) to do the rendering work for you the CPU is basically dead weight in the equation and can do something more suitable ;D

Though, if I recall when reading the VST specification many years ago, each plugin chooses how they render their graphics on their own? They are just child processes that are just run by another program that interacts with them. Thus devs probably can't do much if anything regarding those third party plugins and their UI hogging CPU cycles.

But anyway... it's not a huge issue currently. There are much more... pressing matters to attend to I'm sure

Thank you for constantly developing REAPER, it has taken a really large leap during
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