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Originally Posted by ashcat_lt View Post
At this point where we're doing final mastering, though, I really don't usually do floating point renders.
Right. The floating point renders were for individual final-mix song-projects. Here we're rendering from the multi-song mastering project. Different situation.

Originally Posted by ashcat_lt View Post
You can if you want, but I'm generating the final distribution files here. I've limited the dynamic range the way I want and gotten my final absolute levels. I will often do 3 passes, though. The "full rez" 24 bit masters, the 16 bit "CD copies", and mp3 "preview files". I do them as separate passes, not iterative. Like, I don't make the 24 from the 16 and then the mp3 from the 16 bit partly because that's just silly. You'd need a whole new project for that, and you'd be compounding any errors from one to the other, and...
Wanna be sure I understand this. You're saying render all three resolutions from the mastering project. E.g., make the mp3 from the mastering project, not from a 16-bit render off the mastering project, right?
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