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Originally Posted by 3buddhas View Post
The render button changed to Render 2 files. Makes sense. So one click renders all regions, each to its file.
Yep, easy. I usually name the regions and then use $region_number $region and end up with meaningful file names that include the running order.
32-bit FP. Why not 64-bit FP? Don't answer that. That'll be for another thread.
Start another thread if you want, but it's simply because 32 is more than you'll ever need even if you're doing some pretty crazy things.

At this point where we're doing final mastering, though, I really don't usually do floating point renders. You can if you want, but I'm generating the final distribution files here. I've limited the dynamic range the way I want and gotten my final absolute levels. I will often do 3 passes, though. The "full rez" 24 bit masters, the 16 bit "CD copies", and mp3 "preview files". I do them as separate passes, not iterative. Like, I don't make the 24 from the 16 and then the mp3 from the 16 bit partly because that's just silly. You'd need a whole new project for that, and you'd be compounding any errors from one to the other, and...
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