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Originally Posted by 3buddhas View Post
Valuable, succinct tutorial. The whole post encouraging. Many thanks.
NP. Glad to help, when I can.
Kindly, what in this context is pacing? Song order contrasts?
I guess I meant like timing between songs, but also things like how long after you hit play on an individual track before it actually starts and like how long after it ends or fades out before you want the next track. So like if it's in a shuffle or you skip to a given song, I personally want to have about a beats worth of anticipation, like "Push play. Inhale. Sound." The rest of the gap between any two pieces is usually at the end of the one that comes first. How long before the next song comes in. Things like this.
OK. With each song-project on its own track in the mastering project, to what purpose creating regions?
You have to set rendering bounds one way or another. Whether they're on the same track or not, they are arranged across the timeline. If I do like above, the individual items that represent the tracks may not necessarily cover the full time for the final distribution file. Regions allow me to mark out those areas and then just render them all in one pass. I'm not even sure what you think you would do otherwise. Any other method I can think of would be weird and tedious.
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