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Originally Posted by ashcat_lt View Post
I usually do turn off any master bus stuff on the individual song projects and render the mix to 32bit floating point. I’m kind of a whackjob, so sometimes when I turn off that master txt chain itll be peaking way over 0dbFS. I don’t care. Sometimes I’ve turned down the master fader 12db to get a different perspective and give my ears a little break. I still don’t care. Floating point doesn’t clip and doesn’t add noise. At this point, actual levels are arbitrary..

heh-well is'nt it just funny how i was getting badly trolled in this thread for advising 32bit recordings having advantages..remember m8?
now bods seem to advise for it..funny that.. people can be cruel when some try to be kind? heh.
ego's needs tlc as well sometimes..that's what it's there for-protection. =)
@op-try everything you can-this is how we learn for ourselves..time is not important-the learning is more so...quicker 1 learns..quicker we progress.
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