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It really depends on who's mastering. Hopefully they have tools that are a few levels above the average studio, both analog and digital. If you have finished mixes, and it's going to a good masterer, they should take it from there. If the mixes are 44.1 24 bit I'd say let them do whatever they do to make it sound its best on their rig the way they do it. If it means upping the bits or sample rates or whatever, they should do it., and they'd no doubt prefer to.

Also, and this isn't the case with mastering "mills" or places where they advertise a modest price and you send the files of to them based on that, but some mastering engineers have analog gear that enters into it. So what you do to the files digitally after they're mixed doesn't matter, because they run D/A at some point and back into their workstation. In that case don't do anything.

Again, it totally depends on who's mastering, how they work and what the arrangement is.
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