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Many thanks, serr, for a second thoughtful reply. Lemme see if I understand.

Originally Posted by serr View Post
Upsampling SD program to HD would make it sound more transparently like the HD original on DA converters that run cleaner at HD vs SD. There is no quality added. It's simply making the converter machine not have to anti-alias filter the sampling rate frequency. It's preventing degradation.
So upsampling SD (is that 44.1???) to HD (48? 96?) frees the mastering lab's converter from having to anti-alias, giving the lab a more faithful version of the original. No quality or resolution is added by the upsampling, but less quality is lost in the DA conversion. This then would be a good argument FOR upsampling a mixdown headed for mastering, yes?

Originally Posted by serr View Post
Consumer format is 24 bit fixed... so get your levels in order at the end of your mixing chain!
Not sure I get this point yet, but would like to. I've heard "Don't worry about mid-chain overs because with floating point math they can be fixed end-chain" (Andrew Scheps, Kenny Gioia). David Gnozzi argues mid-chain overs miss out on plugin sweet spots. I wonder if I'm even close to getting YOUR point.
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