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You have a 24 bit recording, mix, and master. Might as well save that even if you don't wish to produce or release a more high falootin format than CD. Reduce to 44.1k and 16 bit from the 24 bit original sample rate master.

CD is a one trick format. 16 bit at 44.1k. You can't put higher def audio in the CD format. Release in flac files or bluray disc for that.

The sound of your 24 bit final master is your target. You might try different dither noise options for the reduction to 16 bit and see if one sounds more transparent.

The work you did upstream - from recording technique and quality to mix work - is where your 'quality' comes from. The 24 bit final master at the original recording and mix sample rate preserves it fully.

A reduction to CD shouldn't be glaring but you might hear a difference after reducing to 16 bit.

The harsh brickwall limiting and treble boosting you hear with many CD versions of albums are intentional mastering decisions (or lack thereof). Reducing to 16/44.1 doesn't just do that by itself.

The internal mix engine paths are 64 bit floating point. Which preserves the 24 bit resolution of your recorded tracks no matter how low you put a fader.

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