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Hi, Crumbfort

The problem has three aspects, in my view :

- The first one is the minimal heights of the TCP panels when compacted (which means reduced to one row, using the dedicated control in the panel for this). I have tested this minimal value on several themes : for nearly all of them, it slightly varies from 22 to 25 pixels, and none of them go below the first one. It's not by coincidence : the panel have to be still functional at these heights, with the essential controls remaining available. If you really want it, it can be reduced a little more by modifying this non-Walter instruction, which is usually in the header of the rtconfig.txt file of the involved theme, the second parameter of it fixing the height of a 'compacted' tcp panel, in example :

tcp_heights 5 24 47 47

But it will probably brings graphic glitches, as some tests used when defining the theme behavior are based on this minimal height value. The most obvious issue being the display of vertically truncated controls.

- This leads to my second point. There is a requirement for TCP panels designed to be narrowed vertically to something like 15-18 pixels : first, all the controls supposed to appear when the panel is compacted should be reshaped graphically, which actually means, to keep a graphical coherence, that all of them should also be. It's doable, but there is a big design work to be done, as the controls should still be seeable and distinguishable one from from the others enough to not go against the usability of the theme and this becomes difficult, at such low dimensions.

- The last point is : so yes, it's doable, but I'm not sure that the result would be useful for most potential users. And which graphics design/theme to choose for trying this ?
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