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Definitely fair enough!

I do have a modified default v5 theme that I kind of blundered around with and somewhat made it work.

Mostly I'm just looking for ease of use/ease of navigation and overview in the arrange AND mixer when it comes to dealing with 200 to 300+ tracks at a time. Before I used Reaper I used Logic for years (still sometimes do, on occasion) and while I'm not overly fond of the overall look of Logic Pro X, I do find myself missing how far you can zoom out in the arrange while still maintaining legibility and also the inspector system. (Also the tempo list system is incredible).

I suppose I should be happy enough with what I managed (as a non-themer myself) to kludge together with the default v5 theme, and I'm sure that's what I'll end up using going forward, but I was still curious to see if there was any other interest out there.

EDIT: Ah, and it's also not so much about the thinness of the MCP layouts; it's far more about the vertical thinness of the TCP layouts.
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