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So, random proposition for all my fellow high track count Reaper users. This idea might be silly/improbable/unnecessary/etc... and if you think so definitely let me know! I'll take no offense, just wanted to throw this out there.

What would you all think of commissioning a theme built specifically for users who regularly work with Reaper sessions with hundreds of tracks?

I get bummed out a lot of the time because I can't really make use of SO many cool themes that other people have made when using so many tracks.

Would anyone be interested in approaching one of the talented themers we have around here like blankfiles, cubic13, commala (or anyone interested!) about something like this? Perhaps we could come up with a list of wants/needs/parameters that would best work for a high track count theme?

I don't know, perhaps it's not a viable idea, just wanted to hear my fellow Reaper users' thoughts on this. I'd certainly be willing to pitch in 60-70 bucks for something like this (which I know isn't a lot, considering the time and effort that go into crafting a theme) but perhaps if there were enough of us we could make it worth someones while, at least a little bit.
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