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Originally Posted by keviny View Post
Hi there,

I just bought a used Mackie Control Universal (non-pro) and have run into some issues. Not sure if some of these are hardware or Reaper or Klinke-related. If anyone has run into these, please feel free to let me know. I've also made a video demonstrating my issues here:

Issues w/ MCU (non-pro) firmware v2.1.2 (connected via MIDI to
USB cable) in Reaper running Klinke v0.8.3.4

1. On Reaper startup, text is garbled (remnants of "REAPER! Initializing... please wait..." message)

2. Faders don't all snap to their current DAW position. Have to manually use the 'Channel' button on MCU to scroll through each channel to "refresh" its position.

3. Buttons (mute, rec, solo, etc) don't all always correlate. Same solution as above, although sometimes it still doesn't fix.

4. Master fader doesn't snap on load. Since you can't use the 'Channel' button for the master fader, only way to update it is to touch it on MCU or in the DAW.

5. Unity on Mackie = ~+1.5db on Reaper (could be a Klinke or Reaper or hardware issue)

6. Group read doesn't move fader (could be a Klinke issue)

Thanks in advance for any help!
Not sure, but that sounds like the midi USB cable. If you can borrow some sort of real midi interface, it would nail it down.
Except for your # 5... I've seen discrepencys also.
Also a midi feedback loop would show those issues also, but I don't know how that would happen in your setup.
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