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Ah, I see the current coloured bars also are used to represent velocity, channel, source, and the like. That somewhat complicates my suggestion, as some of these colours will be more or less visible/suitable for use as a selection indicator. Could still work well enough to see the selection of shorter notes adequately, perhaps.

Also, I couldn't get the "colour notes by pitch" to work properly. I've got notes selected, but their selection bars don't appear to get independently coloured according to each pitch.

And there is some conflict with the current selection/colouring implementation and some themes. Because the selection indicators are taking the colour for the "selected" region of the midi note colour map, this means that, in the theme mod I've made for example, these selection bars are always all black, since the notes in the piano roll turn black with a coloured outline when selected. The notation editor may need it's own independent colour map to avoid this, or possibly some logic to take the colours from either the selected or unselected region of the midi note colour map, either by option or automatically
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