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Originally Posted by swiiscompos View Post

the green bar should be behind the note (now it looks messy and makes the dot almost invisible.)
I agree, selected small note values may be difficult to see otherwise, but surely there is another solution... what if the coloured bar went behind the note head, and the note-head was outlined in colour as well?

This could possibly be rendered by using a slightly larger font size of the music notation typeface for the "outline" and placing the regular-sized black note-head on top of it. I cant really speak to the execution but surely this would be a cleaner solution?

Also, if theming was enabled, even a simple outline like this could be eminently visible, so long as the outline was brighter than the background. The current green on white stands out in terms of colour, but not value, so a simple outline might not appear to be effective or visible enough for some. But if, for example, the background were themed slightly darker, and the selection bar and outline were a bright value, it could increase visibility of such an outline still further.

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