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Originally Posted by Xane002 View Post
It would sure be nice to have the current/last marker or region name as an OSC message.

I'm setting Reaper up for live use with multiple songs in one project. While I as the operator can see the current song that's playing via the laptop screen, the other performers in the band cannot....they use OSC to control their in-ear audio feeds. I would like to send to their devices the current song name as well.

Thank You!

So far, Reaper is surpassing my expectations - this would be simple a cherry on top!
+1! In the meantime the S&M Region Playlist does provide OSC feedback for the current region (i.e. region being played)
The interesting OSC msg is /snm/rgnplaylist/current, it has a string argument: region # + region name, e.g. "3 Verse" (it also provides feedback for the next region to be played: /snm/rgnplaylist/next).
To hook your OSC device, things are explained in main menu > extensions > about sws/s&m > button "what's new", see the v2.3.0 #15's changelog.
Originally Posted by Brian. A View Post
I know that there is other ways to do this: (to add fx chain)
actions/SWS: resources - paste Fx chain to selected track,slot 01)
but there is only 4 slots
Hi Brian and welcome to the forum!
No, there are up to 99 slots! to configure this, see
To make your own "insert FX" actions, this can help too:

EDIT: humm.. did not replied to your other Qs... not nice! (just "seeding" some info"about the SWS/S&M extension...).

Originally Posted by Brian. A View Post
Hi guys!

Just couple of question's here.

#1. I want to route track send via OSC,(this is using default OSC config file).
/track/1/send/1/name 2 (is this wrong or bug?)

#2. I want to add /insert fx chain via OSC,(also with default OSC file).
FX_NAME_REAEQ s/track/@/fx/@/REAEQ (not working,bug?)

#3. When I want to change vst preset via OSC,(also with default OSC file).
if the preset has a gap then its not working?
e.g preset is called highpass, /fx/1/preset highpass (working)
e.g preset is called low pass, /fx/1/preset low pass (not working)(bug?)
#1 is a misunderstanding, you can't directly create routings via OSC messages (but you can trigger actions/scripts via OSC and those will do the job). I beleive s/track/@/send/@/name is only here to send feedback (i.e. just to name routings in the controller, but receiving those messages has no effect).
Note: I believe the same goes for s/track/@/name but since the default OSC pattern file states "The device sends /track/3/name vox to rename track 3 in REAPER" this one could be considered as a bug.

#2 is a misunderstanding: ditto, this won't insert FX, I think s/track/@/fx/@/name is only here to send feedback to the controller about fx names.
To insert FX, you can use the S&M slot actions discussed above. From v4.55 you can reliabely trigger SWS/&M actions via OSC: in your OSC pattern file, you need something like: ACTION s/action/str i/action t/action/@ - And a message example could be: /action/str _S&M_TRACKFXCHAIN18

#3 works fine here (with space characters in preset names) => looks like a controller issue on your end (?)
To make sure, you can monitor OSC messages: "Listen" button of the "Control Surface Settings" window, I had a similar issue recently (controller adding garbage characters...)

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