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Hi guys!

Just couple of question's here.

#1. I want to route track send via OSC,(this is using default OSC config file).
/track/1/send/1/name 2 (is this wrong or bug?)

#2. I want to add /insert fx chain via OSC,(also with default OSC file).
FX_NAME_REAEQ s/track/@/fx/@/REAEQ (not working,bug?)

#3. When I want to change vst preset via OSC,(also with default OSC file).
if the preset has a gap then its not working?
e.g preset is called highpass, /fx/1/preset highpass (working)
e.g preset is called low pass, /fx/1/preset low pass (not working)(bug?)

I have try'd:
low(Reaper is awesome)pass

I know that there is other ways to do this: (to add fx chain)
actions/SWS: resources - paste Fx chain to selected track,slot 01)
but there is only 4 slots

Im also awere of SWS snapshots for saving different combination of track sends, but Im just tryig something different.
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