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If you have a set of items, with active takes, you can select all those items, and crop them to the active take. In that sense they are already "marked" as active. But color coding makes them easier to distinguish.

I have a custom macro that "extracts" the active take from the selected item(s) and creates a new item in place, directly below the original item, while still retaining that take in the original item, but colors it to custom color 1. It could just as easily delete the extracted take.

I have this mapped to Ctrl+Shift+x for eXtract.

I don't recall the specific reason I have those first commands in there twice, probably to accommodate all the common possible locations of the play cursor (and possibly also the state of the time selection) at the time the macro is first run, and ensures that the cursor is always on the left edge of the item before proceeding. From there, it's all pretty "brute force." But it works.

I love it that Reaper lets us do this.
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