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It is possible to define custom colors, and then to define actions that will apply those custom colors to an item, or to the active take in an item, and to assign that command to a particular key. Having done that you can color code individual takes with a single keystroke. So for example: SWS: Set selected take(s) to custom color 1.

If you search the Actions window for combinations of 'color' 'take' set' 'default' you'll find all the actions to set it up. You'll need the SWS extension.

I've got four custom colors set up. One of them is the "default color" which (as it seems to work) is not an actual color itself, but will inherit the color of the track it is in, or that it gets moved to, unless the item itself has been directly given a non-default color, in which case it will retain that color even if moved to a differently colored track. You can see that towards the end of the clip below, at around 0:45, after the takes in the item have been "exploded in place" and the now separate items are moved between the two tracks, their colors changing, or not, depending on whether they are set to a custom color or to the default.

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