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Default resetting clock

I like to play with tempo-synched effects live. With my current modular host, I'm able to have the clock reset from midi. In tandem with tap tempo, I'm able to keep these effects locked to my playing pretty well, even when working with a live drummer and no click.

Wondering if I could do this in Reaper. I know it has tap tempo, which I can presumably assign to a midi cc event. But I don't know of a message to reset the clock to a downbeat.

I don't want to re-tap if the tempo is already correct (to within the precision of tapping)... but with a live drummer things do drift, especially at the ends of phrases. So having another switch to just 're-lock' things is essential.

Now I realize I can probably map to the |<< button in the transport, but someday I'd like to be able to do these things while actually recording in reaper--so the clock reset would need to be able to reset to a nearby beat, (ideally the beginning of the nearest measure) not to the beginning of the song. Having the recording end up properly tempo mapped after the fact does not seem practical, but it's unclear how the program would keep recording if the transport is actually set back to zero.... maybe it would still work if there are no existing tracks-- I'm certainly not going to do any of this while overdubbing.

Thanks in advance for any ideas,

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