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Originally Posted by SebyMusic View Post
Hi, Is there a way with the FaderPort 8 to show the actual bank selected in reaper?
In other words, If I have a project in reaper of 50 track and in the daw, I select the 34th track with my mouse, then the FP8 will go there automatically. And maybe it could even put it as the first fader as track 34, 2nd fader as track 35 3rd fader as track 36 and so forth...

This happens automatically on my system, but if it doesn't, try mapping SetScrollLink to a button(see post #1776 on for info about scrolling) If you select track 33 on the screen, the surface should place track 33 on the first (far left fader)

There may also be some Reaper settings controlling the scrolling of the TCP and MCP that influence this as well.
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