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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Great to see that you also do tests using the "Compact". I gave up some time ago waiting for Geoff having solved supposedly more important issues, as for me this is just an add-on use for the Compact, that I daily use in my Live keyboard setup.

Great finding about the button-pressing-speed ! I suppose this will be very helpful for Geoff.
Thanks !
Sure. It's a nice surface, and hopefully will be an easy fix for Geoff. But, I can't speak to the difficulty of sending an update message upon 'release' rather than upon 'press'.

I'm still trying things with the XTC and overall things look great. Perhaps you know the answer to an issue I'm seeing: On start up, how is the first track synced to the first fader. I don't know the axt file operations and imagine it is something simple there...

For my setup the XT Compact and XT One seem to be quite good as a combination.

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