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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Great video, you have most everything right.

Thanks @poetnprophet for the explanation, I'll just add a bit to what you said...

The .rst file associates midi messages with a name:

Read PressFB 90 4a 7f 90 4a 00

The only thing to clarify here is that the 90 4a 7f is the press and the 90 4a 00 is the release, looks like the FP8 doesn't send release for this button.

This is also used for buttons that light up -- 7f for on -- 00 for off.

The midi out 7f message is telling the Read button to light up.

As far as the .axt file, once again you have it right.

Look at the lines with numbers, notice how they all have "Reaper" right before the number.

This is simply the Action list from the Action menu in Reaper, take a look, you'll get it easily

Now look at some other actions, they have no numbers, they are implemented directly in CSI.

A page is just a grouping of control surfaces with certain characteristics.

For instance I notice you have a Faderport and a Console 1, you might make a page
with Faderport, Faderport 8 and the Console 1 and call it "Tracks".

You then might make a page called "Sends" that has just the Faderport 8 and adjusts the Sends.
In this case you would use the MCUSends.axt to map the control surface to Sends.

You then might program the Sends button on the FP8 to switch to the "Sends" page.

All in all you are off to a great start, ask some more questions
Tks Geoff for the answers. Question, when I use your script with the FP8, is it normal that I don<t see anything on the screens of the controller anymore?. Can I do something about it?
With FP16, I don't see anything on screen, but with MCU, I do.


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