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Default Master Fader Post Effects VST Inserts

* Request
This would be the addition of a post-master fader insert chain for including VSTs after master volume changes.

* Benefit
Specifically, this would be especially useful for post-master fader volume monitoring VSTs (such as Youlean LUFS meter) which presently only read the volume pre-fader. Additionally, some might choose to put a brickwall limiter or other effect after the fader to ensure that any manual boosts do not exceed desired output levels.

* Reason
Currently, inserted meters such as the Reaper native VU plugin, or third-party plugins such as the aforementioned Youlean LUFS meter, react only to audio levels before the master fader. When adjustments to the master fader are made, they are not reflected in the metering output. This is problematic if one is trying to raise/lower the master fader to compensate for the entire mix output and the meters are not accurately reflecting changes.

* Implementation Suggestion
Add a post-master fader insert chain option to the master channel window. This is best seen for example in Presonus' Studio One; which currently implements this behavior. This article, provides an excellent description of the feature as well as supporting screen shots.

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