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Hey there: I know this comes incredibly long after you posted, so you've probably figured out how to do the compile by now. If not, this is what you may need to do. It worked for me anyhow.
In the /cursesclient directory there is a file called Makefile, note that the m is capitalized.
You mentioned an Ubuntu distro, so:
sudo nano Makefile
and look for the line below else where you'll see some option flags.
The one you'll want to change is
You want to change it to read:
Now save the file with control-x and answer y to the prompt, and hit enter.
Now that's saved, so just run as normal user:
and it should compile after this provided everything it needs is there.
I had better luck with 32-bit systems, the one system I tried it on which was also an Ubuntu system seemed to require Jack to be installed, that was the one from the ninjam-master Github repo.
I think the one from the Ninjam site worked for me as I recall but the computer didn't play nice with the screen reader and Ninjam so I abandoned it. I suspect that crap on-board sound card.
Hope that helps a little.
Take care.
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