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Sorry for my ignorance. The background cause I asked is:
- to allow CSI to read and output the Midi messages it would need to see a standard Midi software device (seems you answered this to be in place)
- the Midi messages created and read by the device need to allow for a versatile enough workflow (seems you answered this by "partly")
- CSI does not (yet) feature OSC connectivity. Seems that you suggest that the KK would allow for better workflow when using OSC. OTOH individual OSC implementations tend to be a lot more complicated than Midi protocols. Hence either an appropriate documentation or a lot of reverse engineering effort would be necessary to use it. Moreover the KK does not seem to feature an Ethernet socket, hence it's OSC protocol would appear in some kind of software environment (transported via USB). As thgere is no "OSC driver" standard, any 3rd party software using OSC would use the OSes TCP/IP socket interface (i.e. UDP) to access the OSC stream. So somehow the NI driver would need to take care for that.


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