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Question Foot controlled MIDI looper for live use

In this live area Super8, and Mobius are discussed, so I will look at those. However Reaper custom action can also create a MIDI loop.

But something is amiss with "Quantize track MIDI recording". Notes are adjusted live but few playback, unless one MIDI event is deleted manually which of course doesn't work for live. But then all playback. So I had to give up on quantize during input.

Also being MIDI, it's super difficult to record the first note on the beat at the same time the loop record is begun. Foot control provides tempo tap via an action. If Reaper provides MIDI clock, can the clock output continue when the loop is stopped? Maybe the loop stop will have to start a silent click?

Initial results are promising, like being able to route the loop into BlueArp arpeggiator. What are your thoughts on how to improve Reaper live MIDI loop recording?

Track: Select track 02
Xenakos/SWS: Set selected tracks record armed
SWS: Set transport repeat state
Transport: Go to start of project
Time selection: Remove time selection
SWS: Delete all items on selected track(s)
Transport: Record

{perform some notes}

Press another FCB pedal, Loop end:

Transport: Record
SWS: Quantize item's end to grid (change length)
Item properties: Loop item source
Time selection: set time selection to items

(Another pedal for transport start/stop)

(This is a follow up post first done in control surfaces, there is some more detail there)
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