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Originally Posted by nosucherror View Post
it's a bit better, plugins still wont close if I 'x' their window but will if I 'x' the REAPER plugin window. Melda MPowerSynth, however, still wont close and requires killing.
Also plugins always open behind REAPER which is a bit annoying.

On another note, I recently updated Ubuntu Studio to 17.04 and am about to go back to 16.04 because the native U-he synths' menus don't work. Do you think this has any bearing on LinVSt, as in are you developing it on any particular distro or kernel version?
With the new version, the closing of the window was disabled, so that's why it didn't work.

I've enabled window closing and also the window appearing as the top most window in the LinVst code at github (I havn't updated the binary releases yet).

But when the plugin is first loaded, it appears behind reaper, but if the plugin ui is closed and then opened then it appears in front of reaper as it should, so I'm looking into it.

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