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I'll chip in on the Keyboard question as oddly I think I am well qualified to comment as I too am a very basic keyboard player!
So I can reassure you that setting up the keyboard to send MIDI to Reaper is easy (there's a Kenny video I am sure).
As to "inputting" notes , I guess you know there are two ways - playing in "real time" or step entry (entering one note at a time). Both are possible but I have little experience with the latter but I am sure it's more convenient than QWERTY. (Kenny's video :

On the other hand you could try playing it in a few bars at a time - this would have the benefit of recording the dynamics as you play in a more "fluid" way than you get with with Step Entry. You can use looping and takes, editing etc. till you get it right.
The huge problem with this though (for me anyhow but I think I'm not alone) is that unless your playing is absolutely precise you get an ugly mess when it's viewed as notation. The remedy is to use Input Quantisation - and play consistently!
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